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Physical Education

PE Intent

At Holy Trinity, we aim to provide a PE curriculum that all pupils not only enjoy but also allows them to experience a range of activities that help them to develop their health, fitness and wellbeing. We intend to offer a high-quality PE curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. It provides opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Through PE pupils can develop their knowledge, skills and understanding, so that they can perform with increasing confidence and competence in a range of physical activities. We aim to improve health and well-being, promote active participation and lifelong learning, and for each child to fulfil their potential. We aim to ensure that the children’s experience of PE is positive and motivating and that children’s attitudes to a healthy lifestyle are firmly embedded in our curriculum. 



The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active lives.


Teaching and Learning

PE is taught at Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy as a sole subject, as well as being integrated where possible with other curriculum areas. It is taught across two sessions per week. The key knowledge and skills of each unit are mapped out across each year group. This ensures that children develop knowledge and skills progressively. The skills in each unit are also therefore developed systematically, with the programme of study for each year group building on previous learning and preparing for subsequent years.

We aim for all our children to: 

  • develop fundamental movement skills, become increasingly competent and confident and access a broad range of opportunities to extend their agility, balance and coordination, individually and with others. 
  • engage in competitive (both against self and against others) and co-operative physical activities, in a range of increasingly challenging situations. 
  • apply and develop a broad range of skills, learning how to use them in different ways and to link them to make actions and sequences of movement. 
  • enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other.
  • develop an understanding of how to improve in different physical activities and sports and learn how to evaluate and recognise their own success.

All year groups are taught the following PE units:

  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Athletics
  • Games – invasion, field, barrier
  • Health and fitness
  • Swimming (KS2)


Curriculum Documentation

PE Overview 

PE Policy

PE Progression Document

PE EYFS to KS1 Bridging Map 

PE National Curriculum