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Starting Reception

The parents of new children being admitted to Reception must attend an induction meeting in school in the summer term prior to the children starting in September. It is very important that parents attend the meeting because a great deal of information about the school is given out and it is an opportunity to meet the child's class teacher and discuss any important issues with them. Children attend on the same day and spend some time in their new classroom and with their new teacher.

Parents of children who are starting in Reception will be given an appointment for the reception staff to make a home visit before the children start in September. Home visit appointment information will be given out at the induction meeting. This will include the date and time of the home visit.


Transition to Year 1

To prepare our Reception pupils for the transition to Year 1 we ensure that:

  • children visit the Year 1 classroom during the summer term and become familiar with the learning environment.
  • children meet their new class teacher during the summer term.
  • assessment information is passed on.
  • we identify any children who have made insufficient progress and ensure support is in place.
  • we identify any children who have special educational needs, disabilities or language needs and pass on information including key resources for these individual children.
  • we provide an opportunity early in the autumn term for parents and/or carers to meet the Year 1 staff to discuss progress.