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Values and Aims

Core Values and Vision


Core Values Vision

To educate and enable


At Holy Trinity Academy we will ensure that all children make the best possible progress and achieve the highest standards, in order that they can grow up to be confident about their rights, take responsibility for their actions and be creative enough to make a difference for the better as citizens of the future.


every member of the school community


We value each member of the academy community for what they bring as a positive offering to academy life, including culture, religion and values, recognising that each individual has their own unique ability for physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual development.


to feel valued and able to positively contribute


We actively encourage and enable all members of our school community to be lifelong learners who feel valued and inspired to fulfil their full potential in our Academy and beyond.


as a member of a team


Our staff, parents and Governors work together as a team and encourage the children to work in teams with each other. Together we promote a positive, responsible learning environment.


and as a child of God


As a Church Academy it is important to us that everyone in our academy community has opportunities to explore and extend their own spirituality, to develop and reflect upon their God given skills and talents in order to play their unique part in the future.



Our School Aims

It is our overall aim that everyone at Holy Trinity should have the opportunity to develop to their full potential, through equality of access to a well structured programme of learning and personal growth.

We have built and maintain a learning environment where both pupils and adults have the confidence to enjoy challenge and celebrate success.

Our aims for everyone at Holy Trinity C.E. Primary Academy are:

  • to develop confidence through learning opportunities which have been appropriately planned and are paced to ensure progression and continuity;

  • to enjoy an equal entitlement to the Core Curriculum through a range of teaching methods and styles to suit the needs of learners;

  • that through encouragement pupils take responsibility for their learning and are supported and challenged as appropriate;

  • that opportunities are provided for pupils to work in a variety of learning situations - as an individual, as a member of a pair, group, class and in the indoor and outdoor environment;

  • that learners have their progress monitored and recorded and are encouraged to become fully involved in this process;

  • to make purposeful use of available learning time;

  • to have the appropriate use of all available resources;

  • to encourage everyone to recognise themselves as unique children of God;

  • to value and respect religious beliefs, achievement and aspirations from different cultures;

  • to provide a happy and secure environment in which to nurture joy of learning, promote independence and perseverance and develop a positive self image;

  • to show responsibility, compassion, thoughtfulness and respect for others;

  • to develop lively, motivated and enquiring minds through the ability to question, argue rationally, investigate, prove, observe and process information;

  • to promote sensible choices in support of a healthy life style;

  • through our international focus to promote knowledge of and concern for the local and global environment.