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Local Academy Board

Local Academy Board

Every academy and school has a Governing Body. The Governing Body takes a keen interest in all aspects of school life and is responsible for the general oversight of the conduct and the curriculum of the school.

Holy Trinity C.E. Primary Academy is a non-sponsored convertor academy which means that we are funded by the Department for Education and are independent of the local authority. The academy has retained its religious base and is supported by Diocese of Birmingham. The Governing Body is responsible for employing the staff and the control of Admissions and Religious Education.

Since December 2013 (when the school became an academy) the Governing Body consists of:

  • 8 Governors (appointed by the Academy Trust)
  • Other Governors include:
    • two parents (elected by the parents);
    • two members of staff. One is usually a teacher and the other is a support staff (elected by the staff);
    • the Headteacher (if s/he opts to be a member of the Governing Body)

The Governors have an important job to do. They are involved in:

  • deciding what is taught
  • setting standards of behaviour
  • monitoring attendance and punctuality
  • interviewing and selecting staff
  • deciding how the school budget is spent
  • maintaining the school building

In September every year a list of the Governors is sent out to every family so that any changes can be noted.

The table below is a summary of our Governors but for further information please click one of the links below:

Code of Conduct 2018 to 2019

Declaration of Interests 2018 to 2019

Members Trustees & Institutions

Governors Attendance 2017 to 2018

Legal Documents:

Memorandum & Articles

Funding Agreement