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The work each child produces is continuously assessed and their progress in each of the Phases is carefully recorded and monitored by class teachers and TA's.

Progress is discussed with parents and children at termly Parent/Pupil Consultations. Details of pupil Attendance, Punctuality, Behaviour and Homework that has been completed is also discussed at these meetings.

An Annual Report is sent out at the end of the academic year giving a comment on the effort, attainment and progress each child has made in all subject areas. Parents have the opportunity to discuss their child’s Report with the class teacher at Parent/Pupil Consultations at the end of the Summer term.

Teachers also keep on-going records of each child’s progress in Reading and Spelling using phonic knowledge and Key Word skills.

S.A.T.'s (Standard Assessment Tests)

All the children in Year 2 and Year 6 are formally assessed during the Summer term of each year.

Key Stage One

In Year 2 teacher assessments are based on the following;

  • written, practical and oral classwork for each pupil
  • results of the statutory KS1 tests for each pupil
  • homework completed by each pupil

The statutory tests for each pupil are

  • English Reading Paper 1: Comprehension
  • English Reading Paper 2: Comprehension
  • Mathematics Paper 1: Arithmatic
  • Mathematics Paper 2: Reasoning


Teacher Assessments for Writing and Science are also submitted for each child to the L.A.

From 2016, scaled scores will be used to report national curriculum test outcomes instead of Levels. For the KS1 tests a scaled score of 100 will always represent the ‘expected standard’.

Key Stage Two

In Year 6 the children are tested in:

  • English Reading: Comprehension (3 texts and questions)
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: short answer questions
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: spelling
  • Mathematics Paper 1: Arithmatic
  • Mathematics Paper 2: Reasoning
  • Mathematics Paper 3: Reasoning

Teacher Assessments will also be submitted to the L.A. based on;

  • Pupils' written, practical and oral work in class
  • Pupils' completed homework

Writing and Science will be assessed by teachers based on a wide range of pupils’ work over time in class.

Each child’s S.A.T.’s results are sent home with the End of Year Report for parents to see and the school’s overall scores are presented to the Governing Body and will be available to parents through the School Website or on request, in hard copy.

Year 1 Phonic Screening Test

In June every year, children in Year 1 will take part in a national phonic screening test in which they are asked to use their phonic skills to read 40 real words and non-words.

Children who fail to achieve the pass score in the Phonic Screening test will   re-take the screening in the following June in Year 2.